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Bigg Boss 11 9 October 2017 Episode Written Updates Day 8

Bigg Boss 11 9 October 2017 Episode Written Updates Day 8 :-┬áToday around evening time’s scene of Bigg Boss 11 begins with Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra conversing with each other late in the night. Before going to bed, Bandgi requests that Puneesh kiss her. Before you get your contemplations running high, let us reveal to you that they are not on a similar bed, and Puneesh just kisses on Bandgi’s hand. We ponder what’s cooking.

Bigg Boss 11 9 October 2017 Episode Written Updates Day 8

Bigg Boss 11 9 October 2017 Episode Written Updates Day 8

Bigg Boss 11 9 October 2017 Episode Written Updates Day 8

The ninth scene of Bigg Boss 11 conveyed heaps of enjoyable to our screens. From an extravagance spending errand titled Raja-Rani where Hiten Tejwani picked the cards between Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan to some broken kinships between Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta, this Bigg Boss scene had it all. While the rulers were doing combating it out to wind up noticeably the chief of the house by winning the lord’s consideration, missing companions Hina and Vikas were getting into a war of words.

Remaining consistent with the Monday blues, there is a selection procedure in the offing. All contenders are entrusted to run a purposeful publicity battle to pick up votes from whatever remains of the gharwales, who have the ability to make a solitary choice. Since the competitors need to spare each other, the one with the minimum votes is designated for removal. To begin with up is Jyoti, who figures out how to persuade Hina Khan, Benafsha Soonawalla, Vikas and Hiten, who spare her.

Arshi Khan obviously doesn’t generally figures out how to persuade others, however Shilpa, who spares her. Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for Akash to run his crusade and he just gets Puneesh to spare him. None of the housemates spare Hina and Vikas. Arshi spares Shilpa. Sshivani Durga spares Hiten Tejwani. Sapna Choudhary spares Bandgi not without a considerable measure of persuading from the last mentioned.

Jyoti still had her vote and Puneesh was anticipating that her should spare him, however when she begins pondering, Puneesh gets furious and requests that her not spare him. Jyoti begins crying as rest of the housemates support her. Akash, however acts the hero and spares him. Jyoti still has her vote and the ball is in Sapna’s court to run her battle, however she doesn’t go upto Jyoti to get her vote. Jyoti gives her vote to Benafsha.

Vikas is having breakfast, Shilpa eats from his plate. Benafsha inquires as to whether likes to share? he says she is mental so she can do anything. Benafsha says to Shilpa that he calls your mental, inept, dont you feel terrible? she says I dont mind. Shilpa begins singing he has turned into a puppy.. canine.. pooch. Shilpa insults that Vikas is the sort of individual who tosses his companions out of house. Vikas requests that her stay far from him. Shilpa moves towards him to get nourishment from his plate, Vikas holds her hand and pushes her away, she says dont touch me. Hina, Vikas, Sapna and Sshivani are declared to be in the risk zone by Bigg Boss. In any case, amaze astonish! It doesn’t end there, the padosis are given an extraordinary energy to choose a competitor as their decision for the end of the week removal. Aside from the four named challengers, padosis need to select one individual from whatever remains of the sheltered candidates, who will straightforwardly enter the threat zone and join the four contenders.

Luv goes into house. Arshi says I will bring him. She brings him inside. Next one Lucinda, Arshi embraces her and says I missed you to such an extent. Sabyasachi comes in last, he makes proper acquaintance with everybody. He meets Hiten and Hina. Arshi meets him, he says greetings pretty young lady. Aakash begins singing rap for them.

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