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Bigg Boss 11 Day 1 Written Updates-1st/First Episode-Sunday Full Coverage-BB11

Bigg Boss 11 Day 1 Written Updates-1st/First Episode-Sunday Full Coverage :- As we know that Bigg Boss every season comes with New Title, New Contestants and Full Entertainment with Host Salman Khan. This time Bigg Boss Season 11 Title is Padosi. Ye Padosi Bajayenge Aapka Baja, Dekhte Rahiye #BiggBossSeason11 at 9 pm on Saturday & Sunday and Mon to Fri at 10:30 pm only on Colors Television.

Here now we are providing Bigg Boss 11 Day 1 Written Updates in this Opening Day Article of BB11 with Contestants Name and Entries.

Bigg Boss 11 Day 1 Written Updates-1st-First Episode-Sunday Full Coverage-BB11

Bigg Boss 11 Day 1 Written Updates-1st-First Episode-Sunday Full Coverage-BB11

Check Bigg Boss 11 1 October 2017 Written Update-1-10-17-Ep 1

First of all, all the favourite Host of Bigg Boss all seasons ever “Salman Khan” came on Cycle with playing his all Blockbuster & Superhit movies songs. He did fabulous dance on his very popular songs and recently released running movie “Judwaa 2”. Where Varun Dhawan is playing a role of main actor. In the part 1 Salman Khan has played a role of main actor.

Varun Dhawan on Bigg Boss 11 Episode 1

Varun Dhawan on Bigg Boss 11 Episode 1

Guest Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez & Taapsee Pannu came on Bigg Boss Season 11 1st Day to promote their recently released movie Judwaa 2. They took direct entry on Bigg Boss House and did dance on the popular songs of this film unchi Hai Building & Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara with Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss Season 11-BB11 Episode 1 Written Updates-1st Oct 2017

Now the time to share all the contestants name who took the entry on Day 1 as Bigg Boss Season 11 Contestants. Where few are celebs and few commoners.

From the starting they have 4 Padosi members sitting in hidden room and taking decision for all the contestants Fit or Not. If they says Fit then contestant takes direct entry on Bigg Boss 11 House, If they say Not Fit then He/She enters but after put cold water on them to open their eyes, This is Bigg Boss House and be ready to play your game with Smart mind.

Well, now we starts conversation about Bigg Boss 11 All Contestants Entry. So, check BB11 All Contestants Name here with few information about them.

1.) Hiten Tejwani : A very popular and loving Superstar of Small Screen “Hiten Tejwani” came as Bigg Boss 11 1st Contestant with his wife and Salman said one can take entry on Bigg Boss House from both of you. And Hiten Tejwani took decision that he will enter as First Contestant of Bigg Boss Season 11.

Salman Khan asked him Why have not you seen on TV for so long? and he replied that because i don’t want to play my past roles again and again. So when anybody offer me same role as past then i deny. After he took entry on Bigg Boss Season 11 House.

2.) Sapna Chaudhary : Everyone know Who is “Sapna Chaudhary”? She is a very popular dancer of Haryanvi Ragni’s and play the Haryanvi shows everywhere she like. Her demand in Haryanvis very high to play her item dance in their marriages & parties.

She is very beautiful and 1st girl came from Haryanvi Dancers in Bollywood. These days, Sapna Chaudhary is name that everyone knows. Salman Khan asked many things about her past and she replied very smartly. Salman asked Why did you take poison? and She replied I learnt many things from this incident that In the past, I used to focus on people’s words, but now I do not mind what people say. Now 3 person enteredĀ  in Bigg Boss 11 House.

3.) Aakash Dadlani (A-Kash) : He is a direct entry in Bigg Boss House. He is already inside before any entry in “Kaal Kothri” (Jai). Yes, He is truly very entertaining and funny contestants of #BiggBoss11. After took the entry of Hiten he welcomed him and said that you are very handsome and your clothes is looking amazing.

And he felt happy to met Hiten Tejwani because they both are Sindhi. So, he said we are Sindhi Brothers. When he came outside the #BB11 House in-front of Salman Khan, while standing 2 other contestants of this season Priyank & Benafsha.

Padosi ring the bell and asked few questions from A-Kash and didn’t impressed from his. So, they said he is unfit and Salman told him that He have to stand inside the tub to take bath with Child Water. He did huge fun & masti on this talk and at the end stand in Tub.

4.) Shivani Durga : Salman told that Yes, again this year again Baba is coming on Season 11. But this is girl. She is truly very positive Baba entered in Bigg Boss 11 House. She said Baba’s Image is very poor these days because they are not Babas they are Imposter. We should use mantra for positive things and help for the people who are in trouble.

As we know that last year OM Baba did very bad activities while playing the role of Baba. So, we don’t want again this kind of bad activities again on Bigg Boss House.

5.) Priyank : He is a very handsome guy get popularity from Roadies Rising & Splitsvilla Season 10. At present he is also seeing in MTV Splitsvilla 10. His entry was dashing with another contestant of this Season VJ Benafsha.

6.) Benafsha : Last year VJ Bani came as the contestant of Bigg Boss Season 10 House and this year VJ Benafsha came to entertain us. VJ Bani was top contestant of Bigg Boss 10. Will Benafsha get success like her? To know watch Bigg Boss Season 11 every Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm and Sat & Sun at 9 pm only on Colors Television.

7.) Jyoti Kumari : She came from a very small town, Bihar. She is self dependent. She earned for herself by teaching. His father says she has a dream to be an actress in Bollywood. When Jyoti came Varun was standing on stage as a Host and asked what is this in her hand and she replied this is only for Salman Khan. Varun said Salman went from the show and now I am hosting Bigg Boss Season 11. So, she should give this gift to him. But she said again this is only for Salman.

Suddently Salman Khan came and did huge welcomed of her. They open her gift and saw many pictures of Salman Khan in a beautiful Frame. Her entry was also fabulous on BB11 House.

8.) Bandagi Karla : She came with another contestant Arshi Khan. She said she is a celebrity of Commoners. She said contestants stay away from her.

9.) Arshi Khan : Arshi Khan came with Bandagi Karla and both said many things about themselves to impress everyone. But Padosi’s were not impressed so they ring the bell and asked questions from both of them. They Salman asked Fit or Not and Padosi’s decision is Fit.

10.) Hina Khan : A very popular face of Small Screen “Heena Khan” also came as a contestant on Bigg Boss Season 11. She was also a finalist of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8. When she came Salman & Padosi’s asked many questions from her and she got pass. She is fit for this house.

She took enter in House and meet with all. But She happy to saw Hiten because they both are celebs and now fell like commoners. Because noone is celeb in Bigg Boss House.

11.) Puneesh Sharma : He is truly very different from other contestants. He has Ego of his Paisa. She is from Delhi and has a construction company. He always invest in Bars & Pubs. He drinks daily and enjoy with girls. He is not less than Celebrities. But he has not Tag of Celebs. And Salman said Now it will also get. With the entry of him Bandagi said many things about him and entertainment started in Bigg Boss Season 11 House.

12.) Zubair Khan : After a long time he got to show him What is he? People thought He is from Underworld Family. So, his life destroyed. He made a Bollywood picture in 2011. He made his identity himself. He miss his child and wife. And yes, he got beaten for his kids many times. He said he got a chance to tell about them now.

13.) Shilpa Shinde : A very popular face from &TV top comedy reality show “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai”. Ye she also came as a contestant of BB11. After her, Vikas Gupta also came. They both shocked to saw together on one stage because their history is not good with each other because of this show Bhabhi JI Ghar Par Hai.

14.) Vikas Gupta : He is a very popular face of Small Screen. Ekta Kapoor he is a very loving man. In video Karan Kudra said he is truly very interesting and entertaining person.

But after seeing both together fight started about their past. They both open each other related story with Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai &TV Show.

15.) Sabyasachi Satyapathi (Padosi) : He says he is a drama queen and anytime can show his colour anywhere. He is time-bomb and blast anytime. So, be safe. He love with everyone who love him whether it’s a man or woman.

16.) Luv Tyagi(Padosi) : He is a very handsome guy in Bigg Boss Season 11. He came here to make people made and know to play with contestants. He is truly looking very smart contestant of Bigg Boss 11 House.

17.) Mehjabi Siddiqui (Padosi) : She said be safe from her anger because she is Anaconda and nobody can be safe from her poison.

18.) Lucinda Nicholas (Padosi) : She is from Australia and winner of Miss World South Australia. She came to play her game and win. She already worked in 1 Australian Film.

These all are selected 18 Contestants of Bigg Boss 11 HouseĀ and ready to play their game. Now the time has come to watch BB11 every day only on Colors Television.

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Timing : Mon to Fri 10:30 pm, Sat to Sun 9 pm

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