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Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name Declared-Finale Result-Who Win BB11 ?

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name Declared-Finale Result-Who Win BB11 ? :- We found many predictions Result of BB11 on social networking sites like Shilpa Shinde Will Win, Hina Khan Will Win or Vikas Gupta will Win. Within few hours Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name will be announced by Salman Khan on Colors Television. But everyone want to know that Who will win Bigg Boss Season 11. On many sites we catch much leaked winner name of Bigg Boss 11. Somewhere Shilpa Shinde declared and Somewhere Hina Khan. But nobody know that Who is the Winner of Bigg Boss 11? Don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale this Sunday at 9 pm only on Colors Television.

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name Declared-Finale Result-Who Win BB11.

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name Declared-Finale Result-Who Win BB11.

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name Declared-Finale Result-Who Win BB11 ?

In the final week of Bigg Boss Season 11, all are playing their own game. We saw again good friendship between Vikas & Shilpa and strife between Hina & Vikas. In the last week we watched absolutely opposite of this.

Yes, Vikas Gupta is a master mind contestant of this house and Bigg Boss also gave him a task of Master Mind in Finale week of Season 11. He play a money task this week and won 6 Lac amount from Shilpa & Puneesh. Hina didn’t give up.

All are very excited to know Bigg Boss 11 Winner Name. Who win BB11 Trophy? Now a big controversy show of Colors Television Season 11 is going to end this Sunday. This show always becomes a part of the life of the people.

Last week Top 5 Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 11 

  1. Shilpa Shinde
  2. Hina Khan
  3. Vikas Gupta
  4. Puneesh Sharma
  5. Akash Dadlani

In Finale 1 Name has evicted from BB11 Akash Dadlani

Bigg Boss 11 4 Finalists Name

  1. Shilpa Shinde
  2. Vikas Gupta
  3. Hina Khan
  4. Puneesh Sharma

Who is the Winner of Bigg Boss Season 11

All the Finalists are very excited for the practice of BB11 Grand Finale. Guess Who is the Winner of BB11?

Will Vikas leave the game to take money or stand in Grand Finale with Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan. Who is in Top 2 Bigg Boss 11?

Q: Will Shilpa Shinde win BB11 Trophy? 

Ans. …………………………………………………

Share your answers via comment box. What is your predictions about Bigg Boss 11 Winner Result. Well we are all finalists are deserving BB11 Winner Trophy because they all play very well and reached in Bigg Boss Season 11 Grand Finale.

Now the time to know Who Won Bigg Boss 11 Trophy? If we talk about Prediction Result of BB11 Finale Sunday 14 January 2018 Winner then we can say Shilpa Shinde chances good to win.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 11 2017-18 Season? Watch a Sneak Peek Video of Shilpa Shinde Journey in Bigg Boss Season 11. Who will Win Bigg Boss 11?

Bigg Boss 11 Finale Result – Shilpa Shinde Won

Watch and enjoy Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Season 11 this Sunday only on Colors Television. Share your thoughts about Bigg Boss 11 Winner. To get more updates stay tuned with us.

Updated: January 14, 2018 — 3:35 pm


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  1. Yes Shilpa will be winner

  2. Shilpa Shinde Winner

  3. Hina Khan should be the winner

  4. Hina Khan will win 🏆and should win 🏆

  5. Hina will be the winner… Not shilpa looser

  6. Shilpa Shinde winner

  7. Shilpa should win

  8. Shilpa should win

  9. hina khan will be winner because she play a nice game not shilpa sinde

  10. hina will win ..not shilpa

  11. Shilpa winner

  12. Hina Khan was a winner….is a winnner….willl b t winner and should be the winner…!

  13. hina khan

  14. shilpa is the biggest bitch

  15. Hina played very well in Big boss….i wish she will win…

  16. Shilpa is the winner

  17. Vikas is deserve to win

  18. Shilpa Shinde will win 100%. Hina only deserve fight.

  19. I think so puneesh will take 1000000rps and run the vikas hina and shilpa will left deserving is vikas but winer is shilpa because she has more fan before the bb11

  20. Hina will win.Shilpa is not deserving.

  21. Shilpa will win.I hate Hina

  22. shilpa shinde is a backbiting bitch and deserves not to be even in top 5

  23. Shilpa will win in shall ah

  24. Hina should..she deserve..shilpa is completely fake..drama Queen..


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